Closures and FTTX Solutions

Full range of market leading closures that can be configured to meet requirements, giving network operators  reliable protection as well as flexibility

Innovative, compact and  pre-connectorised solutions for FTTX applications

Examples of Closure Range

Dome and In-Line Closures

  • IP68 and IK10
  • Range of sizes and splice tray configurations giving high splice capacity
  • Aerial, manhole or direct buried

BPEO Closure Series

  • Tool-less, compact, fully mechanical
  • Compatible with micro cables
  • Range of sizes
  • ECAM (External Cable Assembly Module) port system and range of splice trays making it one of the most versatile closures in the market
  • IP68 and IK09
  • FTTH application

Optisheath MPE

  • In-line closure designed for use in fibre access networks
  • Easy connection of drop cables with added advantage of service as a splice point where higher fibre count distribution cables can be branched to lower fibre count cables or to the stubbed cables of multiport terminals
  •  Can house optical splitters

Pre-connectorised FTTX Solutions

Evolv Terminals

  • Evolv hardened connectivity terminals with Pushlock technology
  • Smaller terminals for FTTX than ever before. Terminals up to one quarter of the size of traditional terminals
  • Pushlock connector is half the size of industry leading hardened connectors


  • Most widely deployed hardened connectorised solution in the world
  • Designed for use in access and drop cable portions of a network
  • Proven to deliver significant reduction in installation costs
  • Compatible with OptiSheath Terminals and OptiSheath Closures

ECAM Connect Solutions

  • External Cable Assembly Module designed to quickly connect SC format terminated drop cables
  • Drop cables can be connected without the need to open the closure
  • Double entry port allows the routing of an uncut feeder cable
  • ECAM Connect available on BPEO closure series and many others
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